This was taken on a particularly cold December day
at my father-in-law's farm, by Owatonna, MN.

Train Yard
A sunset picture over a train yard for
the Ford plant, in Saint Paul, MN.

Snowy Leaves
I found these after a fresh snowfall on a walk in
Minnehaha Park, in Minneapolis, MN.

Floating Leaf
A close up of a leaf floating in a small pool
with an interesting pattern of bubbles.
This was taken in Duluth MN, also.

Winter Flowers
Some hydrangea stems in the snow in my backyard in La Crosse, WI.

Snow Fence
A sunrise casting long shadows over a snow drift at
my father-in-law's farm near Owatonna, MN.

Century Barn
A century old barn, from a walk in La Crosse, WI.

Snow Drift
A snow drift along the side of a road in La Crosse, WI.

This was taken at dusk in Annecy, France.
The platform to the right is a stage where
they occasionally have outdoor concerts.

Annecy Swans
This is another picture from Annecy, France.
I didn't have a tripod so I wedged my camera
between bars in a handrail.

It took two mugs to get the picture.
The first one I completely shattered so I
used some of the shards in the arrangement.

Pier at dawn
This is an abandoned house on a pier in Cedar Key, FL.
The objects on top of the collapsing roof are a mob of pelicans.

This was actually taken from a window of a car in a
traffic jam (from obvious causes) on my way to Florida

Fence at night
I saw this on a midnight walk with some friends,
and loved the shadows the fence made on the snow.

Oysters at sunrise
I liked the way the oysters seemed to glow as the
sun hit them, and they cast long shadows on
the mud. Unfortunately the scan seems to
have lost most of the effect.

Beach grass
This was taken on a very cold, overcast day on the beach.
The grass just seemed to have a nice circular motion to it.

Tools inside my dad's old milkhouse.

Low tide in Cedar Key, FL
The water gone out to the ocean leaves a mudflat and a strange,
but not altogether unpleasant, smell of aquatic life. This was taken at
sunrise, but it was not really as dark as it looks.

Riverside Park in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin was
flooded in the Spring of 2001. Amid the
damage I found this peaceful scene.

Red Wagon
This was one of my favorite toys as a child,
and I believe it was my mothers when she was little.
Now it sits in my parent's barn waiting for another
generation to play with it.


Copyright 1996-2006 Peter Kleiber. All images are free for personal or commercial use, as long as credit is given to the photographer.